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REHORP project and the Western Cape Equine Trust

June 26th, 2013

“Hi John
I am writing this on behalf of the REHORP project and the Western Cape Equine Trust who instituted this wonderful program of re-homing of ex race horses.This project finds great homes that are inspected for their suitabilty for the racehorses who are surrendered to us.This ensures the horse has a chance at a new but different life in a caring home.The proceeds from these adoptions go back into running the Horse Care Unit which finds new homes for all equines often from abused or neglected circumstances and thereby giving them a second chance in life.
We want to thank you and your organisation for making the decals and donating them so that we can use them on our horseboxes to advertise this wonderful initiative.It is only because of you and people like you that assures the future of this project.
Many thanks
Vice Chairman W”